Is your business in need of employees with experience in continuous improvement? Permanent or temporary employees that pay for themselves through the great change they can effect? Celior Consulting offers a complete service, providing reliable continuous improvement specialists that easily adapt to your company. With our help, you could more effectively manage that busy period coming up, or secure that additional expertise to get that new project on track once and for all.

Interim Management

We have observed two correlating tendencies: markets are evolving at an ever-increasing pace and more organisations are seeking to work as lean as possible. They do this through continuous improvement and saving money wherever possible. This is the only effective approach if you want to maintain or improve your market position. When you bring in continuous improvement experts, you close the gap between the market and your organisation. The benefits?

  • You'll see performance soar.
    Clear objectives are formulated and continuously monitored, meaning that interim managers achieve the desired results quicker.
  • You will learn a great deal.
    Each and every one of our managers is an expert in their field with proven leadership qualities. They will integrate with your teams, share best practices and provide on the ground coaching on the shop floor to their full-time counterparts. Through this approach their explicit role will be to make themselves redundant.
  • You will speed up significantly.
    Interim managers live by and for flexibility and speed of operation. This will increase your company’s agility and resilience.
  • You will see how things really are.
    Our external specialists have no internal interests to cloud their vision. They will provide you with a fresh and objective perspective.
  • You will save money.
    You employ our manager only for as long as required.

Recruitment and Selection

Do you rather want to embed this expertise in your organisation? Celior Consulting is your partner in the recruitment and selection of permanent employees at many different levels of your organisation: from Shift Leader to Plant Manager and from Lean Coach to Director of Operational Excellence. Our extensive network of continuous improvement professionals is indispensable in the search for employees with the right profile.

Our promise is to provide you with a perfect match with respect to both expertise and company culture.